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Sonya --- The mailman just came and he had our precious little baby for us a few minutes ago. I can't even begin to tell you how pleased we are with her appearance. You did a beautiful job and she looks soooooooooooo pretty. I love the patch that was kept intact on her bottom - it is special to us. I know that my little granddaughter will be so thilled whenever she opens her up on Christmas morning. Thank-you - thank-you so very much for restoring her for us....

Paul --- I collect stuff from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I saw this little Mountie which is sort of a Nora Wellings knock off on Ebay. He was in Horrible Shape. I don't have any interest in Dolls but my heart went out to this little Mountie, so I brought him. I went looking for a Doll Repair Website just before Columbus Day, found Cathryn's. It is a Miracle what Cathryn did to repair him, plus she found for me a display case to keep him in. She had to rebuild his Breeches since his leg was almost coming off when I got him. Great Job.

Connie --- Thank you so much...received my doll yesterday, and she's fantastic...better than I had ever did a great job, thank you, thank you!

Carina --- We received Mrs. Beasley today and she is WONDERFUL!!!!!! Thank yo so much for the EXCELLENT repairs! We are extremely pleased with the way she turned out and can't thanks you enough!

Pamela --- Received my dolls today. I am absolutely thrilled with them!! Better than I ever thought imaginable!!! After looking them over, the repairs have been remarkable

Lisa --- I just wanted to let you know that Michaela is thilled with her restored Teddy! He looks great and she is proudly showing him to all of her special friends and family. Thank you fo rtaking such good care of him and recognizing how important he is to Michaela.

Dolores --- I got my doll today and she is beautiful! You did a great job! Thank you so much!

Jean --- I received my doll and I am very happy with your work and I love the outfit. You could not have done better. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who may need your services. Thank you so much.

Jeff --- I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for the WONDERFUL repair you completed on my wife's Rushton Coca Cola Santa. The results were nothing short of amazing! Our two year old Granddaughter screamed "Santa, Santa, Santa" and for the first time - got to hold him. My wife was astounded by how great her old Santa looked, literally brand new. What you do is an art, and obviously you love what you do. My sincerest thanks. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time. You are wonderful and much appreciated

Sandra --- I just wanted to thank you for all the work on our doll. My mother in law was so happy with the doll and the way she looked--it brought back so many wonderful memories for her. She has had many friends come over to see her "doll" and everyone thinks it is beautifully restored.

Sandra --- Thanks so much for the wonderful repair to my doll. I received her today and was very pleased. Again, thanks

Bonnie --- The doll is beautiful!!! The dress is perfect. I am glad you suggested it. Thanks so much for such beautiful work. I am giving it to her over Easter. I canít wait to see her response.

John --- Crackers arrived today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do wonderful work!!!!!!!!!

Danny --- Hi got the doll in on Saturday! she's great!I love what you've done to her! Thank you again!!!what a great job many thanks!!!!! I will keep in touch. I need more dolls done!

Kathleen --- I just wanted to let you know that I received my doll today and she looks great! I just love the new dress you gave her to wear. Thanks for taking care of her.

Darlene --- Chrissy arrived today. She looks beautiful. My daughter's birthday is Saturday and we were going to go visit her (she is away at college). I thought it would be nice to have Chrissy in time for her birthday but didn't push for it. I'm going to wrap her up and I can't wait to see her face when she sees her beloved Chrissy back in one piece and looking like new. This will be a very special birthday surprise for her because she didn't know I was trying to have her fixed. Thanks so much for your help.

Susie --- I received my doll today! She's just perfect! The dress is adorable and the perfect color! Thanks so much to all of you!

Heidi--- I just got my Betty Jane Carter doll. She is beautiful!!! Thank you very very much!!!!
Debbie --- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE extend my sincere and deepest appreciation to the person who transformed my tattered and torn bunny into a memorable and sentimental piece of artwork. When I opened the box from your company and saw the rabbit, I had a complete emotional breakdown. The revitalized bunny was so much more than I EVER expected. The bunny had a face again, and the eyes were almost identical to what the rabbit had when I received it from my father back in 1969. I am so grateful I found your company on the Internet and am duly impressed with the talents of the ladies on your staff. The quick turnaround time was unbelievable--seven days total including shipping. Many, many thanks for a job well done...from the bottom of my very happy heart.

Lucy --- Thank you so much for the wonderful restoration of my Baby JoAnn. I love the way all the repairs turned out, she pretty much looks like the way a got her back in 1937. Once again, thanks for the terrific job, and should an ocassion turn up where I can recommend your services, I will certainly do so.

Kimberly --- Thank you so very much! I received my doll today and I couldn't wait to pull her string. When I heard Tamu say, "What's happening sister?" I got the BIGGEST smile on my face. I've been wanting to get her fixed FOREVER but I kind of felt silly about it so I never did. Now, I'm so very glad I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Linda --- Got my baby today,Thanks !!!! You did a wonderful job.

Melanie --- I received my kiss me baby in excellent condition! She looked beautiful!! Thanks for your good work.

Karen --- Shirley arrived and she's beautiful - Thank you sooooo much.

Debbie --- I received my dolls yesterday - they are beautiful. Thank you so much.

Rick --- Thanx so much for getting my Monkees puppet to talk again, it works & sounds just great! It's been a pleasure dealing with you, & you can be sure that if I or anyone I know needs this kind of service, you'll be the first we call.

Cindy --- This morning we received the Criket Doll back that we had sent you for repair. We wanted you to know that we are more then pleased with the work you did on the doll. She really looks great! The outfit was also perfect. Thank you so very much.

Ann --- She arrived safely home and looks beautiful.

Ron --- I got my troll today and I wanted to say thank you for repairing him. He looks GREAT. I am so happy you were able to find hair that matches his eyes and jewel exactly! This color is better than the original! You guys did an awesome job, I cant thank you enough.

Janet --- Hello Kandy and thank you! The two dolls arrived safely today and they look wonderful! I am so pleased with their restoration. Thank you, thank you a million times. Please convey my appreciation to all the miracle workers at the Doll Company.

John --- She is beautiful, and my wife was really surprised and shocked. She also thought you did a great job. Thank you so much for this, and believe me we will advise anyone wanting a doll repaired to contact you.

Barbara --- I wanted to thank you and the ladies, and tell you what a wonderful job you did on my little 1963 Cissette Queen. I will be sending you some more dolls to restring & repair shortly. She is beautifully restored now.

Sue --- My Tiny Tears arrived yesterday good as new. Thank you so much.

Esther --- You did an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job restoring her. You'd never know she had the run-in with my wolfhound puppy. I am really pleased.

Lillian --- The doll head is beautiful! We are all very pleased. Will recommend your work to anyone!

Sherry --- She's wonderful and I'm very pleased. Thank you and your team for restoring her. She's such a treasure for me and enhances the connection to my grandmother

Patsy --- Great job - Fast, fast, fast service. Miracle - !!! Thank you so much. You are the best! Unbelievable!

Lynn ---I have the bear and he is absolutly beautiful! I just can't get over that after 38 years he looks and smells so good! I can't wait to have you restore some of my other childhood memories!Thanks again

CAROL --- Thank you so much!! I will certainly refer people to you, if asked. I am so pleased

CAROLYN from AR--- I received them yesterday. That was fast! Nice!

JENNIFER from CA -- Dolly has arrived home, is recovered and is more lovely than ever! Thank you so much. Plastic surgery of dollies is quite the specialty and you're certainly the expert.

SANDY from Wisconsin Hi--my cowgirl doll arrived in good shape and I am VERY pleased with how she turned out!!!! THANK you so much for everything and I sure will be passing your name on to other doll lovers. It is great to see the doll in such good shape after all these years!!!!!!

Suzanne wrote: The Toni doll arrived this past weekend and she is adorable. You did a great job. She looks just like new and her outfit is sweet. Thanks again for the great job.

Sherri wrote: Thank you so much for repairing my doll. She looks absolutely wonderful.

Nancy from South Carolina says: I wanted to tell you I got my dolls in the mail yesterday and they are incrediable! I can't beleive what you have done! I thank you so much.

Kristy from Texas wrote: After speaking with you, I am convinced that you are the one to take care of my family treasure. I appreiate the philosophy of "less is more" and agree that the more "original" the condition, the better.

Sherri from Wisconson wrote: The dolls just arrived today and I am thrilled. Thank you so much for the beautiful restoration work you did. Also, finding the vintage clothing for them was wonderful!

Dorothy from Texas wrote: I got the head back yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful!!! Really a good job, girl! Now, you're going to have to tell me where it was broken. I've forgotten, and sure can't tell. Thanks again for a WONDERFUL job!

Judy from Texas wrote: I'm very happy with the work done on my dolls. Their faces, especially, are beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful job done on my dydee babies