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Doll Repair

Every doll is unique and special to the person who treasures it.  

We at The doll Company understand this.

We apply the "human touch" that is so very important when dealing with precious childhood treasures. We treat each doll on an individual basis. Whether your doll is in need of a simple cleaning, a restringing, or a complete "make-over", we strive to give it that special touch that can only come from the great love of dolls we ourselves have.  

When your special doll arrives we tenderly look it over and determine just what it needs to be as wonderful as you remember it. We will let you know our options regarding your doll's needs.

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Upon your approval, your doll will receive the very best of care and attention.  

Our goal is your satisfaction.

We love dolls!

We love our dolls...and we will love your dolls!