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The Doll Company is owned and operated by Cathryn Chancellor. Cathryn has collected and repaired dolls since childhood. She learned about dolls from her mother, another life time collector. Cathryn is helped by a team of highly experienced helpers that each specialize in certain types of repairs.

The Doll Company is the realization of a life long dream of its founder, Kandy Ferriby. Started in 1992 with the intention of offering a consignment shop for doll collectors to upgrade or change the direction of their collections, The Doll Company soon became a doll collector’s paradise. Kandy began to use her extensive art background to develop a thriving, professional repair and restoration service.

Before retiring in September of 2010 after 18 years, Kandy and her staff were recognized experts in dolls and doll repair from antique to modern. We focus primarily on professional repair and restoration. The Doll Company is dedicated to helping restore your childhood memories with our expert artistic craftmanship and caring customer service.

Almost everyone has at least one much loved old doll, stuffed animal, or toy tucked in a drawer or chest… perhaps not clean enough to be displayed, but still special enough to tug at our heartstrings when we think of it or come across it. We specialize in bringing these favorite old toys back to enjoy a new beginning in the home of you and your family. We have an extensive background in doll and toy repair and restoration with a combined experience of more than 75 years. We’re also lifelong doll collectors and will treat your precious dolls and toys with the consideration we would bestow on our own dolls and toys.

You can see examples of our invisible porcelain and composition repairs with extensive before and after photos listed under Repairs. We are experienced in everything from a simple restringing of your doll to completely redoing damaged composition and repainting so the doll looks new… or, if you prefer, we are able to repair your doll while preserving the patina brought on after years of loving play.

You’ll see repaired and restored examples of everything from Robert Tonner’s Ann Estelle to Ideal’s Shirley Temple composition, hard plastic, porcelain, and vinyl to antique china heads to Minerva tin heads to antique porcelain dolls, Mattel’s Barbie and friends, Drowsy, Madame Alexander, Effanbee, Vogue's Ginny, Nancy Ann Storybook, Toni, Revlon, Cabbage Patch, and more.

We have replacement parts (from vintage dolls) for almost any part you might need and, if we don’t have it, we can almost always get it… might take some time, but we can get it! We can also find replacement bodies for rubber and “magic skin” baby dolls.

Call or email us to discuss stuffed animal repair. We can replace eyes and limbs, clean and refresh, replace stuffing, and whatever needed.

In addition to repairs and restoration, we have an experienced dolly seamstress who is able to create wonderful reproductions of original costumes or to create appropriate new garments. We also repair and restore doll trunks, furniture, many types of old toys, and other doll accessories.

Does your doll or bear have torn clothing, or is it yellowed, drab and dreary? Let us whiten and lighten… starch and iron… mend and repair… perk it up and show it off. Bring those well loved little dolls and toys out of the closet and display them proudly in your home.

One of our specialties is repairing talking dolls… so if you have a Bozo or Bugs Bunny who has become quite sulky, send them to us and your little Bozo or Bugs Bunny will be chatting like a magpie in no time. Mrs. Beasley gone silent? Send her our way and we’ll give her a voice. Has your little Drowsy turned cranky? We can give her an attitude adjustment and return her all snuggly and sleepy to you.


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